The WeStopHate high school program gives help and hope to students,

provides a safe and caring atmosphere at school, and educates teenagers

about the dangers of bullying all through a student organized process.


Bring in a guest speaker


Create a PSA for your school's morning broadcast


Design colorful posters to post around your school promoting self-acceptance


Write a club constitution for all members to abide by in their day-to-day lives


Promote your school psychologist or counselors so students know where they can go for help


Talk in elementary or middle schools


Read your school or state's antibullying policy


Craft a letter to your school board about how you feel about the policy


Plan a rally to celebrate your club's plans/accomplishments, state statistics, and sign petitions


Encourage your announcements team or principal to have an inspiring quote of the day to share each morning


Show an inspirational film (movie night)

You can choose to do these activities as starters or create your own and document them!

Share your ideas with WSH, so we can feature them on the site and more Boppers can join the movement.



This person is in charge of planning meetings,

organizing activities, and keeping the club going.



This person takes pictures of the club's successes and activities. They then upload them to the WSH chapter blog

to participate in the national challenges

and inspire other schools.



The treasurer helps with fundraising and donations   

to fund larger projects, such as film showings,

a carnival, etc. If your chapter only plans on doing free activities, a treasurer is not needed.

Please note: These clubs are not run by WeStopHate, but we hope WeStopHate can inspire students and provide a general direction.

If you create a club, let us know by emailing WeStopHate[at]gmail.com