"Because the stories that make up our lives are important, and sharing them makes a difference."

Hi, I’m Jeanne Demers, the creator and facilitator of WSHaustin! I recently moved (rather spontaneously) from New York to Austin...and it rocks! Well, Austin rocks... and it rolls… and it keeps it weird… and it inspires me to give back the kind of love I get from it every day. While there may be a 30-year age difference, Emily-Anne, the teenager who founded WSH, is one of my very best friends. When I shared the idea for WSHaustin with her she was all “two thumbs way up.”  So here it is. Let’s do this, Austin!


"Because understanding your mind can help manage your emotions and enhance your self-esteem."

"Because the act of giving back raises your awareness to the world around you."


WSHaustin is a Realize, Inc. non-profit program dedicated to raising self esteem in teens by sharing and practicing esteem-building skills with them.


Why? Because teens who have a good opinion of themselves won’t put others down.


WSHaustin is a call-to-action to stop hate by learning and practicing ways of being that create a better world for us all.